With this set, Winter is not scary anymore

I am sure many people are like me, going through an on-going journey, looking for the perfect moisturiser. Good news! I think I have found mine! And not just one, but a whole set of them!

This is a set of what I would call "all-rounded" skincare set, from essence to sleeping gel to emulsion to emulsion to moisturise cream. And the essence is 60ml! Normally the essence is the smallest among a set, right?

Use them all every night you will witness the significant change on your skin's suppleness, I especially love the sleeping pack, very easy to use, no need to wash, just sleep through it, then the next morning, the skin is fresh and "bouncy".

Try it for yourself, you will understand what I meant!

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KawaKeiko said...

I've been wanting to try Laneige products for a while, your post made me even more curious :3 would you recommend this particular set to try for a first time, or other particular product?

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