Disappointing OPI x SEPHORA

I was so happy that I could finally bought the OPI x Sephora Nail Polish when I went to the US in June. First it was cheaper (US$9) than normal OPI edition, and (I thought) the size is smaller because it does look smaller on the USA Sephora site. :P

I didn't use it until like 2 weeks ago. As much expectation as I have in it, it does really disappoint me...I normally start polishing the thumb first, and you know how the nail size is bigger than others, and the first touch the brush had with my nail, the first impression I got was "What? It's so thick" Anyway, I just keep applying on the nail, but it's so hard to make a nice, smooth surface compares to other nail polish I use (e.g. Missha, Revlon). I still did put them on all my finger nails and toes. However, I had to clean the index and middle finger afterwards because they were screwed up (uneven surface). And I didn't re-apply until like 2 days later...

So 2 days later, I gave it a second chance. Again, I failed, I started to think whether it's my applying skills or what, but it couldn't be because I used to be good with other ones. So I concluded it's the nail polish's quality. So I cleaned (yet once again) the 2 fingers and just left them, really can't be bothered anymore. So for like a week I was with 3 fingers on orange-reddish nails and 2 with none (yea, looked so "nice") :(
I told my friends about it, and they couldn't believe that the quality is that bad. But again, maybe I was just unlucky to have picked the not nice bottle, afterall, I only bought 1 bottle. But I swear that OPI version are all good ones.
Has any of you have a different opinion about this product?

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