Newly added Amazon Payments

For the benefit for our customers, the convenient and popular Amazon Payments has been added to COSME-DE.COM! It's widely used in the US and you won't need to share your payment information with a third party. SHOP now at COSME-DE.COM with your preferred payment method!

Introduction of Amazon Payments:

Amazon Payments allows you to use the payment methods that you already use on Amazon.com to pay for goods and services online wherever Amazon Payments is accepted. With an Amazon Payments account, you can make secure purchases from third-party (that is, non-Amazon.com) websites that accept Amazon Payments without having to re-enter your payment information. As an added benefit, there is no cost to you when you use Amazon Payments for your purchases.

Getting started with Amazon Payments is easy. If you already have an Amazon.com account, an Amazon Payments account has already been created for you; this account will be activated when you make your first payment on any third-party website that accepts Amazon Payments. Your Amazon Payments account is linked to your Amazon.com account, and you can use the credit cards associated with your Amazon.com account right away. You can enhance your Amazon Payments Personal Account to make payments with your bank account or to receive payments from other Amazon Payments account holders.
Learn more about the different Amazon Payments account types.

If you don't have an Amazon.com account, click here to create one.

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