This summer, I realise this is the toner I need!

I never really used toner during my skincare routine unitl I read an article early this year about the importance of it (forgot which one though :P). So I started trying out Clinique's Clarifying Lotion No.2 because of its popularity, and it really does live up to its reputation!

The first night I used it, my skin felt very smooth and clean, although the smell wasn't to good I have to say. Every time I use it, I have to hold my breath because the smell is too strong, and also I have to close my eyes for the same reason. The skin will feel a bit tingling as it says on the bottle which means it's working.

Sometimes after a whole day out on the street, even after washing with foam cleanser, I would still see a grey patch on the cotton pad with the toner! Thus, I never stop using it since, because I know my skin wants to feel refresh and clean before going to bed.

I like it, and do you?

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Editor do Vs. said...

I use number 4. It's the strongest, but it does not make my skin dry! It takes off every dirtiness. It's great. It didn't make my pores smaller :(
But it avoided me breaking out. Everyone should get a try.

I might coment it on my blog


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