Eye Care (Part 5): Concerns & Tips

3. Dark Circles:
Dark shadows under the eyes are often caused by excess pigment, which tends to be hereditary and more common in people with olive skin tones. Medical conditions such as renal and thyroid problems can also cause dark circles, as can fatigue. When you’re tired, you become dehydrated more easily, making skin look thinner and circles more prominent.

Don’t want to look like a panda?

1. Enough sleep and plenty of water
Get adequate sleep and drink 8 glasses of water (I know it’s been mentioned in the DOs, but this is the golden rule!)

2. Natural eye masks
Dip a cotton swab into freshly extracted mint juice, rosewater or cold milk. Lie down with your feet raised higher than your head, and then place the wet pads on your closed eyes. Stay that way for 10 minutes. Do this every day and you will start seeing results before long.

Cucumber does for the outside of your body what drinking water does for the inside of the body. Leaving thin slices of cucumber on the dark ring under the eye will make the dark area virtually disappear. Leave on for at least ten minutes.

3. Choose the right cream
Choose a cream with gentle lightening botanicals such as bisabolol and bearberry, plus capillary-strengtheners such as vitamin K and arnica.

4. Stop smoking
Smoking damages the skin and destroys certain vitamins in the body (especially vitamin C, needed to re-build skin cells). De-hydrating the skin, especially when combined with a regular intake of coffee and other high-caffeine drinks will make dark circles worse. To remove dark circles under eyes it is absolutely crucial to take good care of your health and that includes quitting with smoking.

4. Puffiness:
Do you always get puffy eyes in the morning from drinking too much water or crying the night before, but still have to go to work?


Kill puffiness in 1 minutes
If you are in a rush (especially in the morning!) but the eyes are puffy, try these easy steps:
1. Take 2 pieces of tissue, fold each into size enough to cover the eye
2. Wet each with cold water
3. Cover them on the eyes for 1 minute
4. Then, there you go! No more puffiness and ready for makeup!

Chilled steel spoon
1. Chill 4 stainless steel spoons in the refrigerator until they are ice cold.
2. Place one over each eye.
3. When the spoons become warm, switch them with the others chilling in the glass of water.
4. Keep switching until you see improvement.

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eye care tips said...

There are many ways to care for our eyes like regular checkups, applying cucumber juice, eating healthy food, wearing glasses, splashing water on eyes etc.

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