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Eye Care, I Care

We see things through our eyes: pretty, ugly, happy, sad, clean, dirty...etc. Without eyes, our lives would be colourless, so it makes sense for us to take good care of them. That's why I am launching this Eye Care Series with Eye Care DOs & DON'Ts and Concerns & Tips. Now, let's start off with DOs (Part 1).

1. Blink often Blinking is a good massage and exercise to the eyes.

2. Vitamin A for brighter eyes!
Vitamin A is especially important for night vision. Vitamin A deficiency can lead to further eye disorders with symptoms such as dryness of the conjunctiva, swollen lids and ulcers that can form on the cornea.

So keep a balanced diet, including food that are rich in Vitamin A, e.g. water melon, tomato, papaya, carrot, coloured vegetables. (I love carrots!)

3. 8 glasses of water a day, gets the puffiness away!

When you are dehydrated, the body will start storing up water and that's when the puffiness appear. So stay hydrated to prevent that. Plus, water can flush out the waste inside your body and thus avoid puffiness in the eyes.

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Stay tune for the DOs (Part 2) with more practical step by step eye care tips! And useful tricks for banishing the most concerned problems of the eye area: wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness! Don't miss them!


Beauty Tyrant said...

Well, for starters, a really good way to depuff eyes would be to put slices of chilled potato on your eyes and let them rest till they aren't cold anymore. About 15-20 mins will do. It helps to depuff eyes very quickly. Also, potato juice has some whitening properties that help to lessen the look of dark circles. Remmeber, this is a natural remedy, it takes some time to see results

Kelly said...

I use tea bags when my eyes are swollen. It works every time!

Anonymous said...

1)if you have puffy eyes, you should try to stay away from carbonated drinks. stay away from foods like canned soups, crackers and chips. cut down salt in you food, replace it with herbs and spices.

2) 1/2 tp bakers yeast+ 1 ts whole yogurt. stir until disolved. dot under eyes with a clean brush. let dry and remain overnight. rinse thoroughly in the morning. this solution will oxygenate the skin and diminish under-eye circles.

3) soak cotton pads in rose water and apply to eye area for 10 min.

4) thin cucumber slices used as compresses over cloed eyes will relieve sore, puffy eyes.

Anonymous said...

i have a problem with puffy eyes.
i have a small sock i keep filled with rice and keep in freezer for those mornings when sleep wasn't as restful as should be.

Louise said...

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Louise :)

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